Thursday, December 15, 2005

climbing the mountain, I see the other side!

I finally finished translating the resume of my brother-in-law, Pancho, so that he can try to find acting jobs in the US. You have to laugh at least a little at his photo- he looks so angry or maybe kind of like a stern police detective or an FBI agent. I can't see him playing a male nurse, for example. I've never seen him without a mustache either, and he is like 3 years younger than Dennis. (Like 32?)

Anyway, irony of ironies (maybe) I am watching a Learning Channel program on narcolepsy because I cannot sleep. I've got so much on my mind! I went to the endocrinologist today- it was actually helpful and not as stressful meeting with her than I thought it might be. My problem is with the receptionists who are in charge of things like making appointments. They are very rude. The one who was with me made me feel as though it was my fault that my Dr. told her to make an appointment for me only on Wednesdays, as early as possible, because that is the only day when I can see doctors. And all afternoon we had our cellphones in hand because we were waiting for a phone call from Dennis's doctor regarding the rash on his side, from the BenGay cream. We called 3 times to try to talk to her and kept getting the "she will call you when she has time" from her receptionists. On the third time, we called and they told us that the Dr. had tried calling us on our cellphones and that she had even left messages and that Dennis would have to come in in the morning. Dennis, so easily frustrated, wanted medical attention today. Plus, there is no record on either cellphone that they even called! I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt- my husband is not a "nice" patient. When he feels bad, he makes sure that the doctor knows it, because he wants to get quality care. And this hives-rash thing has been spreading fast! So we made no progress with the doctor, we were frustrated with the Southern California Medical System, and hubby loaded up on benedryl before leaving for class.

Come 8:30, I get a phone call. Dennis is on his way to the ER from class. He drove himself so it isn't so serious but he just couldn't take the pain and itching and burning. I found a friend on campus who drove me out (God bless her!) and this was the best (but most expensive) medical care that I think that we have had ever. They were sweet, fast (as they could be), helpful, and gave us the information that we asked for. Los Robles in Thousand Oaks. Thumbs Up.

But today is a big day. Dennis is out cold because of the benedryl but I am wide awake. I have to go to work, I have to make some phone calls, I have to write up my final exam for my marriage class, and then I have to be here and look pretty because we are finally going to go to the dealership to get our new car! (woohoo! I can't wait!) It is truly a blessing and a praise to have this gift. I can't wait to see Dennis behind the wheel. :)
So prayers that Dennis heals, that I finish all that I need to do tomorrow, and that I get rest. Tomorrow is my last final exam and then I am on the other side of the mountain. (Isn't it silly that I am already starting to worry for next semester? I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled out the first week of school and I'm praying that I can get them out sooner so that I don't have to miss class!)
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Sarah said...

Congrats on the new car!

I'm glad Dennis got some good medical attention...I'm so glad you didn't end up at Simi Hospital...I'd rather die than end up there...and I worked there for 2 years! Go figure!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the new car. I hope Dennis is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

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