Monday, April 23, 2007

An Award!

from here

I just got an award! From Irene! What a great way to end my day! (is it just me or does the baby on the award look kind of alien-y? it's an award for thinking, not an invite to the church of scientology, I promise!)

The rule (so I guess this is a chain letter of sorts?) is to nominate/award five other bloggers so I nominate:
1. Sarah because she is so honest and real. More people should read her, she's good.
2. Mrs. Mogul because she blogs about things like society (read: gossip) and being a mom all at the same time and it's delicious to read.
3. Miriam- pretty much the reason I'm nominating all of these bloggers- honest and real. Miriam is one of my friends who are still unmarried and sans babies and sometimes I feel like I have a window into the glamorous single life when I read her blog. And she's loyally read and responded to my blog over the years.
4. Cindy: I think I could go to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and end up just fine because Cindy always posts about her daily life in Malaysia (man, they have great looking food!) She's a faithful blogger and finds ways to blog about her life because she wants to blog (not just for the payperpost benefit, which is certainly a perk).
5. Medea: she just had an adorable little baby and she shows us all videos of him!

Yeah, I kind of am awarding this to people who I visit regularly and faithfully, and who I know visit me- (but see if you didn't get nominated, don't be offended. It just means you either already have this award or you don't comment on me enough!)

I also, just for the hell of it, checked again to see if I'd risen or not on the bloglebrity list and as it turns out,
A-List Blogger
I'm on the "A" list instead of "D"- I don't know what this means but it makes me feel a little justified. (I think it just means that I get a lot of traffic for being on the blog roll and for not censoring the annoying spam comments where the guy says "nice site! enjoyed the designtravel-timeshares-florida-cruise-honeymoon-trip"


medea said...

How sweet are you! I feel I have to start more "thinking" posts on my blog rather than just describing posts now that you've inspired me! Give me a little time to come up with my list of Thinking Bloggers, please!

cindy said...

That is so sweet of you, Erin! Aww... If you ever come to Malaysia, I will definitely treat you to all the great food you want! xD

Thank you for remembering me in your award. ;)


Me, Myself and I said...

awwwwwwww ^^ that's a very nice comment about me and my blog! I am happy to know you like reading it and my stories as well.

THANK YOU! ( next time I post I'll nominate my fav. blogs )

I'm Just Sayin... said...

Awww Look at how sweet you are!!! Thank you :-) I think I know exactly 5 people that still blog, so I should be ok. :-) I'll have to work on my list tomorrow because HELLO! A little sore from the gym tonight lol! :-)

modmom said...

that is very alieny!
send me your blog button/badge for my mother's day blogroll + enter my giveaways :)