Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dennis's friends from Chile

The pictures are of me, Dennis, Renatta, and her boyfriend Vincente. (and Dennis, Renatta, and a Chilean waitor named Fabian).

They grew up in Chile together and her boyfriend is actually a Mexican-born soldier stationed in Germany, where his friend and her family live now. They are visiting all weekend and we are planning on having a traditional Chilean "New Year's" (whatever that means)- I know we are having champayne and we have to eat 12 spoonfulls of lentils but I don't know any of the other rules.
Anyway, today we took them to an Argentine restaurant because the food is as close as you can find to chilean food (but it was still tailored to a US market). And we came home and watched a scary movie- I reccommend it if you like scary movies. It wasn't so gory, more psychological.
And these are some cards from luciana and from Karin

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