Friday, December 23, 2005

Oprah for President...

My browser opens with Netscape and it happens to be promoting Oprah as possible president?? in its' news headlines. I've heard it before, but honestly, does anyone really think Oprah would be President? yeah, she's done a lot of great things. (Really Really great things.) And she is smart and politically minded. But President of the United States? I'd honestly rather vote for Condoleeza Rice because she at least has the experience and I trust her more to handle a country. (and that is saying a lot for me because I don't like Rice at all.) I really hope that people aren't thinking "it's about time to have a woman in the white house" so much that they are buypassing logic and voting for just any old woman. Even if I like Hillary Clinton I wouldn't vote for her very easily because I don't know if our country is ready for it. And this is why Dennis is so frustrated with Chile- the female presidential candidate (who might win) has almost robotically the same ideas as the president before her and some chileans think she will end up as a puppet president. Elect the woman! She has breasts! It's setting precedent! I don't think we should give our votes up so easily....
On the lighter side, The Friday Five in Spanish! El año casi termina y puede ser un buen momento para hacer un balance. (The end of the year is almost over and it is a good time to balance things out. (more or less good translation)
1. Qué aprendiste? (what did you learn?) I learned that I can do things even when I don't feel like doing them. I have more will power than I thought I did.
2. Qué experiencia te hizo mejor? (What is an experience that has made you better?) Following my gut and taking a ministry degree, being the only girl sometimes in the program, actually going to hospitals to see what chaplaincy is like. Now I know my calling.
3. Qué compartiste con tu familia? (What did you share with your family?) Sharing Dennis with my family in New Mexico was a fantastic experience. My grandparents and my aunt love and accept him so much more than I expected them to and Dennis felt comfortable around them. He mimicks my grandparents now ALL THE TIME. very funny, actually.
4. Qué viejo proyecto terminaste? (What old project have you finally finished?) I finally got around to taking better control of my health. I have appointments to get an insulin pump, I saw an eye doctor for the first time in years, and I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out in the second week of January.
5. Qué meta alcanzaste? (What goal did you reach?) I learned how to knit :)

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