Monday, December 12, 2005

prayers for dec. 12

It is my brother-in-law, Pancho's, birthday today. Here he is with my stepdaughters, Camila and Cristina. He is wearing a "Hollywood" T-Shirt that we bought for him in Hollywood because my brother-in-law wants to be an actor. Right now he is doing a children's music album that is a tribute to Japanimation-, and I pray that he has his long deserved success.

I am also a little stressed out right now because of my school work and everything to do with us getting our new car. We are supposed to pick it up on Thursday and we still have to figure out insurance and who will drive us over to pick up the car because I can't drive! And I have two final exams to finish, one due tomorrow (which I did work on quite productively last night), and one due on Thursday! (buwhahahhaha!)

so I am praying that 1. we figure out the insurance stuff so that we can pick up our new car on Thursday, 2. that we find someone to give us a ride to the dealership- it's hard for us to find people available, especially now, because everyone on campus is going home for the holidays so this is a big prayer, 3. That I am productive with my final exam that is due Tuesday and that I do a good job on this exam and 4. That I feel better- I've been coughing a lot lately with some congestion. Stress??

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