Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Are you mixing drugs?"

This is one of Dennis's favorite questions/jokes to say when someone acts a little crazy (trying to think of a good example, hoping you get the point.)
But in this case, it is the explanation for why I have been feeling so strange lately. I spoke today with my therapist about this- it doesn't make sense for me to be so moody! It doesn't make sense for me to feel so overwhelmed! She suggested (almost right away) that it was the combination of having oral surgery with taking various different drugs (i.e. nyquil for cold, vicodin for pain) in addition to the medication that I take right now. Plus, I have been having problems sleeping through the whole night so I was taking a sleeping pill (before surgery) and then after surgery, when I didn't have that pill, I was still waking up because of the pain and its a long story. It's been affecting (obviously) my sleep patterns and so in short, I'm not really getting any good sleep. The solution is to stop "mixing drugs" (I have) and to relax in bed. (Ironic that it is 3:14 am as I write this- I woke up and couldn't resist temptation) But I'm going to be a good girl and go back to bed.

from Luciana (obrigada!)

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brian & gabriela said...

It's funny, because in Mexico people generally, don't mention that phrase like Dennies does, but something similar which is "Y a ti, que mosco te pico?" (And, which mosquito stung you?), lol.

Ah, hope you feel better Erin. Related to me, what makes me feel like without energy and so unefficients at work, etc. is when I kind of stay late the previous night. But I do remember that in my old years in College (Like 8 or 10 years ago), I could be busy and going so late back to home and would still be very energetic. I guess I'm becoming old, lol. Will have to get started taking some vitamins. I know of two other women here that one is kind of my age and the other one is like 10 years older than me and they take a vitamim a day. I guess that is what I will get started doing.

Have a good sleep Erin. I have to go back to bed to. I just woke up to go to the bathroom, lol, and it's 1:06 a.m. and have to go to bed for one more day of work.

Take care.