Friday, February 03, 2006

happy 18th birthday....

Today would have been my little sister's 18th birthday. I saw two of her close youth group friends last week- one thinking of going to Pepperdine and one wants to go to ACU. I'm jealous because my sister should be planning out what she wants to do for college. It's been on my mind all night and I can't sleep. Irony of ironies, huh? We grew up around alcoholism and I knew what DUI meant probably before I knew what AIDS or STD meant, and yet God decided to take Kim because Angel Martinez thought he could handle his liquor. Now they are both dead and I really wonder if anyone has really even learned anything from their deaths. She was only 15 and he was only 19- even though he was behind the wheel, he shouldn't have been drinking and he definitely shouldn't have been on his way to get more beer when he hit that van. I just cannot fathom how the 35 year old (and only survivor of that car) can sleep at night knowing that he was in the back seat to help this guy more beer, when his BAC was already .23. I wonder why they felt compelled to drink that much anyway? To drink to get drunk? To celebrate the weekend? Someone's birthday? Someone's death? Someone got engaged or married or pregnant? A great paycheck? Just for the hell of it? It makes me want to distance myself more and more from alcohol everytime that I start to think of it. I wish I could have met this kid, I wish I could know if he was a good man or if he was loved or if he believed in God. Irony of ironies. My sister thought stealing a sip of mudslide mix (the kind where you add the alcohol) was "bad" and she had gotten no further. She was good, she was loved, and she believed in God. And I miss her so much that I would trade places with her if God would allow it.


Juls said...

::HUGS:: Erin...thank you for all your support lately. Hope today's a good day of memories xx.

Me, Myself and I said...

Por qué ? te darán mils respuestas, probablemente algunas parecerán convincentes otras, sin embargo, estúpidas, pero ninguna responderá a tu pregunta porque,simplemente, no hay respuesta.

El recuerdo no es el olvido así que continúa recordando a tu hermana. Un beso muy fuerte Erin.

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Erin. I'm sure now, as Christians believe, your sister is rejoicing with the Lord.

Now that you talk of Aids and STD's and alcoholism, in my very particular opinion, I believe it would be good if there were more social programs, sexual education in schools and Christian instruction to talk about those risks. Also the liberal American t.v. does not help at all. Preffer the conservative t.v. which promotes the moral values, etc., Christianism, but like Mexicans say "Cada cabeza es un mundo" (Every head is a world) and unfortunatelly nobody can change it.

Anyways, bye for now and have a nice week. Thanks for passing by my blog.

Adios amiga. :)

Jessica said...

That is a beautiful picture :)

I have been thinking about you lately. I hope you are feeling better by now.


Anonymous said...

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