Saturday, February 11, 2006


Today I cleaned the apartment. I still have some things to do but I cleaned places that I almost never clean. It felt good but mostly it is because Dennis is threatening to hire a cleaning lady from Guatemala who we met when we went to a Mormon Church last weekend for a project for Dennis's religion class. I have nothing against Mormons or Guatemalans. I just don't want someone to come in and clean our house. Especially because it's mostly dirty as in cluttered. Anyway, still trying to stay on my diet- I am officially addicted to sugarsnap peas but I am getting really tired quite quickly of salads. (I know this isn't my only option but we eat out so much that it's the only thing I can eat on the menu.) It's worth it though. I want to feel healthier and already I do feel good when I know that eating a salad is sooo much better for you than sharing a medium pizza with my husband. So things are going well. And we watched "Firewall" tonight. It's pretty much what you'd expect (last week we saw "Munich" and that was an incredible movie--very explicit but so beautifully made that I reccommend it more than "Syriana") "Firewall" is one of those movies you see because Harrison Ford is just a really good looking old man who makes fun movies when you don't feel like watching something heavy/depressing. I swear the best line is when his secretary asks "what are you going to do?" and he says, in a low voice "I'm going to go get my dog" (meaning he's going after the bad guys.) Fun stuff.
So yay! no housekeeper is coming to our home (Dennis calls her a "nanny"- maids, housekeepers, child care providers are all called nannys in Chile), and I got to see a movie! (I wanted to watch the Olympics but once I realized that Chile doesn't have its own team for the winter olympics, I was no longer interested).
So really we just need prayers to keep up the good work :) (this is kind of a praise really!) I need to keep up my good work in my diet and in school and we just need to get through this rough season of being busy with work and school!


Me, Myself and I said...

Entiendo lo que uieres decir sobre la mujere de la limpieza. Yo odio a la mía, no porque sea mala mujer, al contrario! pero no deja las cosas en su sitio, me rompe cositas como las cajas de los CDs porque se le caen al suelo, no da importancia dejar la papelera encima del ordenador AARRRGGHHH me saca de quicio jajajaaja es insoportable!

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Erin. Still in my prayers. Happy Valentine's Day. Hey, the movie you watched sounds entertaining. Hey, that lady going to your home does not sound that bad, as she would be the one cleaning and being Mormon is not that bad, as while she does the cleaning, you can just could just relax and evangelize her in Christianity. So, you see it's not that bad? I wish I had one cleaning woman here at home, lol. In Mexico they are called "sirvientas" (which can sound a little despective) or "muchachas de aseo" but lately young people call them "chachas". But the "nanas" in Mexico are the only ones that take care of kids. So "nanas" in Chile are the maids?

Anyways, bye for now and hope you the best at school and everything. Adios amiga. :)

Spindrift said...

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