Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm boycotting the Olive Garden...

I've only been there once. Today, after visiting with my doctor, we decided to go to the Olive Garden. I was craving it after seeing the commercials and the closest one this side of LA county that I can think of happens to be right across the street from my doctor at UCLA.
I ordered my diet coke and my "soup, salad and breadsticks" meal and then I headed for the restroom. Problem one: They only seated us upstairs and the only bathroom was downstairs.
On the way to the stairs, I was innocently walking and suddenly! I've been hit in the eye by a waitress balancing a tray on one hand headed back to the kitchen with a full load of dishes on tray. Problem two and three: being hit by the eye and the fact that waitresses still try to balance trays on one hand. From first hand experience, I know this should not be tried in real life and is pure hollywood theatrics. So if you are a waitress, don't get all hollywood and try to balance the tray with one hand.
She wasn't looking and granted, I wasn't looking either. But now it hurts and I have an official black eye. (I got the meal for free but I only ate one round of soup and salad!!) I've never had a black eye and so I am also officially freaking out. (If you think I'm overreacting, you should see Dennis- he's taking photos. Will post them if the eye gets worse.)
All in all, if you have ever seen "the 40 year old Virgin", you remember when he leaves the party with the drunk girl, when her little VW beetle gets broadsided and she exclaims "That F****er came out of nowhere!!!" ~~This was my thought after getting hit in the eye by a careless waitress at the Olive Garden this afternoon. The breadsticks were great but I'm not going back.

(it does not help that everyone- Dennis, my Dad, my grandparents, my suegra- they all say "ohh it's only gonna look worse before it looks better...")


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Erin. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your eye.

The waitress should have been more careful.

Hope your eye gets back to normal so soon.

Bye for now and hope you have a nice weekend. Will include you in my prayers for your eye to heal soon.

Take care and bye then.

Me, Myself and I said...

LOL! Gosh, hope you are fine although I have to admit it is just funny situation ( I bet you are not laughing! .
Such a pity you didnt eat more hehe!

Hope your eye get better soon!

Anonymous said...

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