Saturday, May 20, 2006

I think I was latina in a past life...

I've been watching spanish TV all week (like the news) because we watch it when Dennis is here. Today, I'm watching Sabado Gigantes, which is a variety show every saturday. And Chayanne is singing. And I'm like a little schoolgirl about Chayanne!! (The old man is Don Francisco, the host of Sabado Gigantes, and a natural Chileno!)

I can see myself acting like the hysterical teenagers on TV if I saw him singing in real life. But no one has even heard of him except for my latina amigas!!


Me, Myself and I said...

awwwww he is so hot!!! *droolin*

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Yup, I know that program of Sabado Gigante. Would watch it in Mexico first only through cable a long time ago when was living with my family, and then it got transfered to public tv. Here I don't have cable at all, so can't see any latin t.v. I kind of miss that show. It's so fun and the host is so funny with his jokes, etc.

Oh, yup, Chayanne is so famous in all latin america including Mexico. I think he has lots of charisma and seems to be a good man. Have never heard any scandals about him, as, for example, Luis Miguel, lol.

Very nice Dennis is getting back to CA soon.

Bye for now and have a very nice week Erin. Blessings. :)