Saturday, December 30, 2006

another update on Pancho

Yesterday, we got photos of Dennis's brother Pancho in our email. See this post to see Pancho before cancer.

It sucks because I can barely recongnize him! And my mother in law says that a lot of people in town don't recognize him either. It makes me think that cancer can be a very lonely disease. I pray that Pancho is not lonely. The first photo was probably in August or July, when he first started chemotherapy. The second photo was probably taken in the past week or so.

cancer sucks. I mean, he's only 33 and he's an actor and so energetic and funny and great and it just really sucks to see him looking so pale and thin and he doesn't even have eyebrows. It sucks because it affects Dennis even more than I can understand, to see his little brother looking like this, and there isn't anything I can do except pray and listen. What do we say? I want to tell Pancho "thanks for sending us photos! send more!" but Dennis is afraid that if we talk about the photos then we will make his brother sad. cancer sucks.


Me, Myself and I said...

yes, It really sucks. I have lost all my beloved people because of cancer. I always say it is like a flu from the XVI century ( you know, when people died because of a simple flu! ). Some years later we'll be able to fight againts it with a simple medicine but, till this day comes, we have to suffer from it.

Hope Pancho manages himself to get through this bad time with all the possible strengh and positive mood.

Sending you big big hugs and wishing you a very nice and happy New Year's Eve :)

cindy said...

Yes, cancer sucks. :( I know the feeling of seeing your loved ones going through that... happened to me too.

I still pray that someone will find a cure for cancer.

My thoughts and prayers to Pancho.

Hope this new year brings good news to everyone. :)

gabriela said...

Hello Erin. Happy New Year 2007!!!

Thanks for sharing the pics of your brother in law. I wish he wins the battle against cancer.

Nice pics the ones you posted of yourself. You look pretty in those last ones you have just posted.

Take care and I will visit again soon.

Hugs and blessings.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Feliz año 2007!!!

Your Mexican friend,

Gabriela. :)