Saturday, January 27, 2007

creative license.

I found a cute dollmaker site and thought a)I should make a doll of me and Dennis and b)wouldn't it be fun if I made dolls of my closest blog buddies?
This is Dennis and me, in Southern California:

My hair is always pulled back, I do wear boots that are similar to Ugg boots, and I always wear my glasses. Dennis looks like he's going to work.

This is Miriam in Spain. I couldn't figure out where to put her so I put her in the city wearing casual clothes with cute shoes- I always have imagined that Miriam would wear cute shoes. And I know it's hot where she is right now.

This is Sarah, in Wasington. It's snowing where she is so I bundled her up! (And I took great care to find sunglasses because I see many photos of her wearing sunglasses, and her new red hair.)

This is Gabriela in Washington too!! Like Sarah, I've bundled her up! I added a cross necklace to Gabriela because she has such strong faith!

This is Cindy in Malaysia- I wanted her to look girly but I don't know how she dresses for clubs/parties so she is wearing jeans like everyone else. And I don't know if she likes red, but the shirt has her initials!! And I gave her sandals because I was thinking of her black toenail polish!


cindy said...

OMG Erin! I look so cute! xD I love the initial "CJ" too!! LOL for thinking of my black toenail polish!

That was so sweet of you to think of me too when you make those dolls. :D You deserve a big, fat hug from me. ;)


I'm Just Sayin... said...

awwww-thankssomuch!!! :-) I posted it on my blog with much appreciation to you :-)

OH and I totally have new sunglasses!!! I need some new pictures. I haven't had any since that damn spider broke my last pair.

Me, Myself and I said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ! I am so surprised! how did you guess I am wearing fringe? I mean, I really did! but I had it cut and didn't publish it because I just forgot lol

Thanks for the little avatr, is really funky! I love the shoes and yes, although it is winter, it's being a warm winter eeekk