Tuesday, January 16, 2007

free food.

because housing kicked us out of our apartment and because we don't even have a fridge in our room, they have so generously also donated "points" to my student account so that we can have meals in the student cafeteria. this means a week of free pizza, sandwiches, pasta, salad bar and I don't have to cook.

I thought "well, I should atleast try to take advantage of their wonderful salads and healthy options" and then I got sushi. It's got fish in it so even if it's a roll, it's not so bad. I don't add soy sauce.

And then I got a delicious cream cheese filled danish the size of my foot. I thought "this would be a nice snack or breakfast later." It lasted five minutes post-sushi. (sushi and cream-cheese danishes do, indeed, go good together.)

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I'm Just Sayin... said...

First of all - I would totally be taking that red pillow home with me.

Second - enjoy your stay at the hotel! I've always thought it would be fun to "live" at a hotel...

Third - you talking about your dad's theory on taking everything not nailed down totally reminds me of that episode of Friends where Chandler takes Ross to Vermont with him for the weekend...

"You can take the light bulbs, but no the lamp shade...the salt...but not the salt shaker..." hehehehe