Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ten things I'd do if I was younger...

I'm approaching 25 so I'm really not that old but I've got some things for this tuesday blog meme
Ten things I'd do if I was younger (but how much younger? I'm guessing pre-marriage and even when I was in highschool- I've decided this is a list of things I'd do if I know what I know now).
1. I'd die my hair bright pink
2. I'd learn some kind of hobby that counts as exercise, like swimming.
3. I'd take a photography class
4. I wouldn't open up credit cards
5. I would donate more blood
6. I would get another tattoo.
7. I'd go sky diving or para sailing or something...
8. I'd go out more
9. I'd learn to walk in heels
10. I'd learn to scuba dive (imagine if I knew how to all of those things that allow you to go on the Amazing Race! I'd be one of the skinny young contestants as opposed to one of the older, out of shape "but I've got wit and street smarts" contestants)!


Melody said...

Hi Erin, great list! YAY on #5! Happy Ten on Tuesday.

cindy said...

I'd like to take up photography class too! I think it's never too late yet, Erin. Hehehehe.

Oh by the way, thank you for the fanpop.com link. I'll check that out later (am going out for dinner now).