Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Virgencita has appeared...

on a pizza pan... in Houston and now they are fighting over who owns the pan.
Sarah sent this as a response to my blogs about Jesus appearing on food. Jesus's mother appears on pizza pans.

Do I have little faith because I don't get it and kind of think it's a little absurd?


cindy said...

Yea, when it first appeared on foods, it was kinda amusing. Now they're everywhere and it's starting to get ridiculous! I don't know.. I think it's just a coincidence that these "holy pictures" appeared on stuff.

But if it ever appears on my things, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe freak out too! LOL

mrsmogul said...

I think it's Mother Theresa...seriously, it's silly isn't it Why do they appear on pans? they want to bake brownies or something?

Me, Myself and I said...


Dear, little faith? I would say you'll have to visit someone else to find the question ;) I know some people believe in this stuffs and if they are happy with it, there they go! but, seriously, I don't think it is too real.

Valerie Fentress said...

If stuff like that encourages people's faith I'm all for it, but it does seem a little silly. Cause if I look hard enough in the colors of my carpet my mind can find plenty of picture.

I think faith is more about believing in the unseen of God and not relying on the things of this world to justify our faith.