Sunday, April 22, 2007

I should be studying (I will say this a lot...)

(over the next 48 hours or so...)

I feel like I was fairly productive today. I wrote about 4 pages of the 20 pages required. And I finished watching all of this season's "The Office". (And the latest episodes of "The Real World" and "The Inferno 3"- man, I need to stop watching reality shows about young 20-somethings who have no goals except to drink and have sex....)

Dennis and I saw "Fracture" tonight. It was as good as it looks because a)Anthony Hopkins really enjoyed playing a man who kills his wife and b)Ryan Gosling was pretty delicious. Dennis liked the movie, which is important because he is as picky about movies as he is about food.

And for all of my foreign friends, A mother and her daughter made out for tickets to a comedy show. I never thought I would blog about "larry the cable guy". He's not a real cable guy and now a mom and daughter have forever embarrassed themselves by making out to get tickets to his show. And the guys on the radio, that they did this for, were totally laughing and grossed out at the same time...This is America. My God, people. My God... I really have no words. I'm filing this under "culture" but is it?

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