Thursday, April 26, 2007


Here is the typical scenario for what is going on when I want to blog but can't:

We are getting ready for bed and Dennis and I talk about something/I watch something on TV that I really really want to blog about but dammit! I promised him that I wouldn't blog after bedtime!!

Last night I was especially grumpy and told Dennis "Just don't pay attention to me. Ignore me because this is not personal."

And then I say something or try to start a conversation (I can't remember now what happened) and silence. "You did say that I was supposed to ignore you!

The other thing that I really wanted to blog about last night was the sigh of relief I have in watching "Charm School" on VH1. Basically, for those of you who probably wisely aren't watching, a select group of girls that were on a dating show "flavor of love" to try to win Flavor Flav's love, and who lost, are in "boarding school" in order to be taught grace and charm by MO'NIQUE, and the winner gets like $50,000.

This is Mo'Nique. I'm not sure if you have to spell her name in all caps. I haven't decided. But she is the representative, the "Tyra Banks" of the show, and she's teaching the girls about class. Which is why I'm confused as to why she's wearing a gold leotard. It looks like she's going to practice ballet. And it looks like she's kind of a drag queen. (And she's quite funny so I wish they would have dressed her better seeing as this is how she looks on the main page for the show....)

This is Becky. The white girl who really truly thinks she's black. It's "Malibu's Most Wanted" in real life. Except that she's from like Nebraska.

And I'm not kidding, they are all wearing school girl uniforms. Bring in token gag jokes about catholic school girls and watch as some of the girls cannot resist the urge to a)make their skirts uber short and b)not button up the top 3 buttons.

And the blonde? She thinks she's like Paris Hilton. But she's really not. It's hilarious.

And this is the type of dialogue (on the day they had to go camping to bond):
""Mud and weave don't mix...neither do acryllics and rope!"
"when i got up the hill, sweatin' with ropeburn and a gallon of water strapped to my back, and i saw hottie's fat ass laid out like a corpse, i wanted to choke her ass out. the ho brought a log and a bag of candy"

(so it looks like I'm loosing brain cells but this is actually a funny show and you know, at least I don't have their issues...)

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