Friday, April 13, 2007

where are they now??

I've been meaning to do this post for a few weeks, pretty much since Scary Spice had Eddie Murphy's baby (and he says it's not his...)

See, my sister ADORED the Spice Girls. We shared a room and I know that her side was plastered with pictures of the spice girls and of that girly looking boy group Hansen. She went with her friends to see the Spice Girls movie on her birthday, and then they came home and reenacted it. Over and Over again. And this, mind you, was when I was starting high school. So I was in a very moody "I like Greenday and Bush and that group that sings "black hole sun"" stage of life.

So, Here they are today. Over a decade later. Some have done well. Some are so annoying, it delights me inside. And I ask: Did the whole "Girl Power" thing work for them?
Baby Spice (the one Spice Girl my sister really wanted to be...)- she's having a baby and she looks good. I think she had a solo career but she stopped. I wish her well. Kudos for loosing the lollypop and pigtails. Girl Power? Sure, yes.
Ginger Spice. Ginger was always kind of sketchy to me. She was whorish as a Spice Girl and I remember hearing about how she did other naughty things pre-spicegirls. But she's a mommy now and the only thing that I find fault in her is that she is wearing ugly pants. (Oh and she did realize some solo stuff too. I remember her cover of "it's raining men" from the Bridget Jones soundtrack. But she's fading into obscurity as she probably should....)Girl Power? Well, all things being compared, yeah, she's doing just fine
Out of all of them, Sporty Spice used to annoy me the most. I just didn't get her. But now I think she's awesome. She's still singing (she just realized a cover of "I want Candy") and I don't like her voice or style but I appreciate her. She did, after all, say that she was picked on by the other girls back in the day. Girl Power? Sure. She's still making money on her own.
Scary Spice. As mentioned, she gave birth to Donkey's baby. And I feel bad for her because he won't admit it at all. But I barely recognize her, to be honest, and feel bad for her because she doesn't have that scary-sweetjesusdon'thurtmebutIknowguysthinkthattongueringishot look anymore. she looks normal now. hm. Girl Power? Well.... this whole donkey-baby thing kind of hurts her street cred as scary. But I think she'll do fine.
Posh Spice. Probably the only Spice girl who didn't let go of the gimmicky name attached to her real name. Really. It's been like a decade and I still see her as Posh. (Actually it's Posh 'n Becks). I didn't "get" her during the Spice Girl time, either. It was supposed to be an act. But see, now, she just doesn't even freaking eat. And she always looks so annoyed. And I could go on... Girl Power? What does this mean to Posh? I think the "girl power" thing was a gimmick for her more than her own nickname.

Yes, and, please please dear Lord, Stop Madonna. Stop her.

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cindy said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! When I saw Madonna, I as like WTF? Since when did Madonna joined the Spice Girls? Then I realised.. oh. LOLOLOL!!!

I was a fan of Spice Girls once too. Oh I remember there was a big promo in Malaysia for them, and they were giving Spice Girls perfume. I can't remember what I did, but I remember winning the perfume! LOL! I still have the perfume in my room back at my parents home (hopefully my mom never give it away or worse, throw it!). I never use the perfume tho, I wanted to keep it the way I got it just for memory sake. xD

Scary Spice and Mel C was my fav. Haha!