Monday, May 21, 2007

here's what happened...

I have so much to blog about that I can't even remember it all. Really. I took a trip to Texas and it was like going to another country. I saw the grassy knoll (Dallas. Where JFK was killed.) and met up with my grandparents (my grandpa loves his "governator" shirt, and apparently, he is quite the closest I've ever met to a real life anti-immigration minute man. I say it with love.) They took me around town and I felt loved and blessed. Meeting my mother's family, who I never knew growing up and who I really last saw when my mom died, was a blessing. They told me a lot and it was like finding a missing puzzle piece. Or kind of like learning that you're French for the first time.
And there was an interesting couple of flights and it was crazy. And then I came home and slept. And was very lazy. (hey, I was traveling.) And then I had to prepare for a bachelorette party so I drove down the freeway to a ginormous mall just so that I could go to "Frederick's of Hollywood" (because "Victoria's Secret" might be quality but "Frederick's" is the only place to find really really naughty knickers and I wanted this bride to blush.)

The bachelorette's party started in Hollywood (we went to the "Beauty Bar". which was anti-climactic. It advertises getting your nails done while sipping martinis. But it was really loud and crowded and there were a lot of guys looking for chicks (a lot of single, drunk frat boys). And they didn't even do your nails. They painted them. But I can do that. And really no one was there to get there nails painted. It's a great concept but they should have kept the boys out and turned the radio down.

And yesterday was the wedding. It was painfully obvious to both Dennis and I that I only invest in clothes to wear to school and church but that I really need to invest in a party dress of the quality that you can wear to a semi-casual wedding on the beach. I thanked God that I didn't wear my flip-flops. But my shoes were the only thing fitting the occasion.

And that was my busy week in a nutshell. I will try to post haircut photos, graduation photos, Texas photos, and bachelorette/wedding photos (but maybe not the embarrassing ones of Dennis and I dancing where I look like a big pink MaryKay cadillac....)


Me, Myself and I said...

oohh in a traveller mood? that's super cool! and meeting up with your mom's family might have been very touching :)

cindy said...

Welcome back Erin! I can't wait to see the photos :)