Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Top Ten Accomplishments in My Life...

Limited photos on this one.

Top ten accomplishments in my life

1. Getting my driver's license!!! Really. A Big BIG deal.

2. Getting Married

3. Graduating from Undergrad

4. with a reasonable G.P.A.
5. Studying Overseas in Argentina
6. Learning Spanish so that I'm fluent.
7. Graduating from High school (I'm only 25 so now I'm starting to really think back into the basement about what I've accomplished...)
8. Being the editor for 2 years of the school paper in high school.
9. Being friends with Dennis' daughters.

10. Maintaining my faith (and even growing in my faith!) past high school and college into adulthood.


Me, Myself and I said...

*Me claps at you*

wow, not easy, right? but yessss, you have to be very proud of yourself!

Felicidades por conseguir con constancia y tesón todos tus sueños. Espero que sigas cumpliéndolos por muchos años más!

I'm Just Sayin... said...

Is it bad that one of my top 10 accomplishments would be "getting invited to a bachelor party, drinking everclear out of a watermelon and making out with the groom-to-be" ???

:-) Apparently I'm still bored because I remember that night, and it happened almost 10 years ago.