Saturday, June 23, 2007

food... 2 things I love and 1 that is confusing...

First: I am addicted to these 2 things right now (which strangely are hard to find...)
a) raisinets: chocolate covered raisins with, I kid you not, something on the packaging about antioxidents that is enough to make me feel better about scarfing down a whole bag of sugar.
b)Rescue flavored vitamin water- it's the green tea one. This is a surprise because a)I didn't think I liked green tea and b) because I understand that paying over $1 for "water" (with a little added sugar) is ridiculous.
Both served as my treat to myself today.

I can find the candy only at the local drug store and I grabbed one of the last 2 bags. And I can only find this particular flavor of Vitamin Water in a tiny cold mini-fridge in the health foods section at the grocery store, completely separate from the rest of the flavors. (I did appreciate it being cold...)

The one thing that is confusing:
How do you make a baked potato? Specifically, How do you do it in the microwave? I've got some fish and I was trying to think of something to pair with the fish- I've tried pairing fish with rice and I've tried to pair it with pasta and Dennis hasn't been impressed yet. I know he likes baked potatoes but I've forgotten how to do that! Help!


Me, Myself and I said...

Mode1: with an owen

Cut in to cpieces the potato. Add some pepper, salt and olive-oil in each part and unite them again. Envelope the potatote on aluminum paper and bake it.

Model2: microwave

Like model 1 but avoid the aluminum if you wanna keep alive lol

capnwatsisname said...

I worked for a coffee shop where we would wash the potato, stick a fork in it three or four times, put it in a ziplock bag with about a tablespoon of water (don't measure it out, or you defeat the purpose), and microwave it for eight minutes. Keep nuking it if it's not soft yet, with a maximum of probably 12. Might check it after six, just in case.

BTW, I still didn't get your e-mail. Try me again.

JujuBe said...

I completely know what you mean about the Vitamin Water - they taste alright, but IMO are just not worth the calories, and I just couldn't justify how expensive they are. I've decided if I'm planning on having that much sugar, I might as well indulge in chocolate or candy- or raisinets perhaps :)