Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I don't like Halle Berry.

1. She's in more bad movies than good movies, more and more distancing herself from the Oscar that she won. 'Catwoman' anyone?
2. She always looks good. Even with short hair. Yeah, that does make me jealous.
3. She was caught trying to hide from Paparazzi. By positioning herself behind her assistant. In other words, she was saying "Look. If I put myself behind this girl, I disappear!!" We get it. You are beautiful and glamorous and call size 2 jeans your "fat jeans". But to shield yourself behind your normal looking assistant, who is working for you, is a lame move. It does indeed highlight the fact that you are petite and pretty. You make it painfully obvious that her head is bigger than yours.
*Trying to hide from photographers? Check.
*At the same time, make yourself look like the most beautiful woman in the room? Check.
*While putting the woman in front of you in a humiliating position? Check.

1 comment:

cindy said...

I'm always jealous with everyone who could maintain their weight in a slim figure! Ahhhhhh.. I gotta stop eating!

Yes, Halle Berry. She's so pretty. I hate her. LOL