Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It feels like Friday... (Ten Things...)

Ten Things I will NEVER do Again...
1. I will never ever again make myself sick for attention

2. I will never again buy a t-shirt with a hole in it, because said t-shirt was only $3.

3. I will never again pierce my own ears. I pierced my own cartilege in high school because I was afraid to ask my mom for permission. And she totally laughed at me when it got infected because she would have let me do it.

4. I will never again have a pet in an apartment that has a no-pet rule. It's not worth the trouble.

5. I will never again sign up for gym classes like yoga because I cannot commit.

6. I will never again freak out and make Dennis buy a pregnancy test just because I've missed one period. I've learned that we need more proof than this.

7. I will never again contemplate paying to watch the feeds for Big Brother. Or anything internet related like hosting or graphics.

8. I will never again not know what my financial history/records are: this includes a)not letting people open credit cards in my name; b)not paying for bills; c)not knowing passwords or info for bank accounts.

9)I will never again (and I really mean this one) let my Dad do drugs around me.

10)I will never again (and I really mean this one also) take my wedding rings off as a threat to Dennis because we are in the middle of a nasty row.

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