Tuesday, August 28, 2007

yay! Ten Things I like about my job!

Ten Reasons I love my job
1. I genuinely love my bosses. I work with good people.
2. The hours are flexible and accomadating.
3. I can study at work. Hypothetically.
4. I get to do what I was called by God to do. I love hospital visits.
5. I have the cutest laptop to work with.
6. I don't have a uniform. Not even heels.
7. I can pray at my office.
8. I can cry at my office.
9. I'm gaining great experience.
10. Free post-it notes. That is life.

11. Also, (importantly and tied to #1), I work with people that have different work strategies, more life experience, etc. than me. Both of the women I've worked with have been great at advice giving and are great decision makers. The woman I work with most is also a great champion- she gets things done and is kind of the spokesperson for our office and I really admire her for her backbone and honesty with people. And they both talk to me about things like kids and marriage. I owe them a lot because they've been valuable in shaping me as a woman. Stephanie is so rational. When I would freak out in crisis mode, she's the calm one making sure everyone gets out of the burning building in a straight line and below the smoke.


cindy said...

Free post-it notes. That is life.
LOL! That is so cute, Erin! :D

Me, Myself and I said...

#1 is super mega important! I think this is even more important than they kind of job you do. Realy, having a good company and good mates makes the 8 straight work hours more amusing and enjoyable. Do not let it go! ;-)

Also #2 is great! because sometimes doctor appointments or burocratic stuffs like banks, etc have very limited and strict schedules or they only work in the morning, so it would be great to have a flexibility!

~Virginia~ said...

There's a lot to be said for free school supplies...post-its, pens, binders. :)