Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh, Child...

I watched Britney Spears' performance and that is pretty much all I was interested in regarding the MTV VMA's.

a)We know she can lip sync. Obvious.
b)The song was actually not that bad.
c)But she should have worn something else. This was not flattering at all. At all. And her bra(s) look very uncomfortable.
d)Her (fake) hair looks nice at least.

I feel bad for Britney. Who let her do this? And it doesn't help that as they show her dancing (she needs more practice) and singing (I saw parts where the lips didn't match the words, like a kung-fu movie), and everyone in the audience (Rihanna, etc.) looking bored or laughing.... Really, I hope that Britney releases this comeback album and then moves with her babies to a secluded cabin in Montana. No more attention, no more cameras, no more. It's getting painful to watch.

I read online that some are saying she was "out of shape" (read: fat). I do not think Britney is fat. At all. She's got two babies and a divorce. I eat cookies during finals week so Lord knows she deserves to eat bad things and be depressed or whatever. But she is not fat. She definitely does not look like a mother of two. Seriously, the problem is not that she doesn't have the same body she had when she made the video for "Slave 4 U" (you know, the sweaty-orgy one where you were like "oh my God, is she suggesting that they are having sex??) or when she used to carry a massive python-snake on her shoulders in concerts. The problem is so definitely this "outfit", which would not flatter 99.9% of women in the world.


cindy said...

If they call THAT as fat.. then I don't know what FAT is. I must be very obese then. :*(

~Virginia~ said...

I'd feel bad for her if I didn't loathe the sight of her. Granted, we don't know the girl personally, but can all these people talking about how she is around her kids and how much she parties and stuff really be wrong? All of them?! I'm glad she bombed. I'm a mean girl! :)