Sunday, October 28, 2007

Like Sands Through an Hourglass...

Oh My God. Soapnet is showing a marathon of "Days of Our Lives, but the whole season when Marlena was possessed by the devil.

I watched this entire chapter of this particular soap opera religiously when I was in middle school. In fact, I'm pretty sure I pretended to be sick a lot to watch this. (My mom was getting her bachelor's degree and recovering from a divorce, and school was REALLY easy back then, so I could get away with it.)
1995. What better for a thirteen year old girl to do than watch Days of Our Lives.

I'd probably watch it again. But I've got Greek homework.
(It strikes me as culturally hilarious that we have these storylines in our US soaps. They have similar storylines in Mexican telanovelas and I thought "yeah, but usually the American soaps are just about pretending to be pregnant and sleeping with your husband's brother..." OH HOW I FORGET!)

*I'd like to add that I haven't watched Days of Our Lives since my freshmen year in high school.

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