Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 Best Games...

But first, I've got the flu. And today I was inspired by how healthy people in Malibu seem. So I spent way too much money at the local Vitamin barn for a shot and a "tea" that was kind of like drinking tabasco sauce. I know there was ginger and lemon involved. The woman said "the more it burns the more you need it" and I'm hoping she is right- Dennis leaves for Tennessee on Saturday and I don't want to be sick while he is gone or when I leave for his graduation.

I got a photo CD from my brother with more photos of my neice so I will post those later.

And the fire? It was major, but it was not as close to us as the fire last month. I took a few photos of this one too. We were evacuated but only for a few hours. The worst part was losing Television until yesterday. Two days without TV makes me very irritable.

Now: 10 Best Games (of any kind):
1. Uno. (or "one" as my husband once called it)
2. Monopoly: either playing or watching this is fun.
3. Tetris. Whenever I get the chance to play this, I am very happy.
4. Brick-Breaker on my black berry. Addictive.
5. Jeopardy. I used to watch this as a teenager. I'm such a trivia nerd.
6. Life: was I the only one who named my husband and children?
7. Twister. It's a good ice breaker and while I'm not as good now as I was as a youngin', it's also fun to watch/play.
8. Bowling. I suck at it, even on a Wii but it is fun times.
9. Mah Jongg online. I've spent hours on this game.
10. Free Cell. The other computer game that I've spent hours playing. (and it's free because it comes with the computer! Woot!!)

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