Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm going to Tennessee!

Tomorrow! I'm going to be in the air all day because I'm flying to Tennessee to be with Dennis for his graduation! (with a layover in Chicago! WOOT!!)

So, I've packed and all and I'm watching Project Runway and then I'm probably going to bed. The dishes are mostly made and I changed our bedsheets so Dennis will see that I atleast tried to clean. (okay. I suck at cleaning.)

But I'm super excited about going to the south. I wonder if I'm gonna eat grits.
And then Dennis and I are going to spend the weekend (from Saturday to Monday) in Dallas- (I am starting to think that I blogged about this already but I'm excited! I haven't had hubby-intimacy-time in two weeks!)

And today I got my nails did! It feels really weird to have these fake nails on but I wanted to look nice. So I went with a really good friend and I would say it was worth the thirty bucks. Plus my lady was really nice- I made a point to talk to her because all of the women who work at the salon are Vietnamese and I don't know any Vietnamese and I wanted to know that they weren't talking about me. Her name is Michelle and she taught me how to say Please and Thank you in Vietnamese. (Thank you sounds kind of like "come on" in English and Please sounds like "sing").

I leave you with another Olsen Twin joke. (PS: Jessica Alba is pregnant


KreativeMix said...

safe travels :)

Jessica said...

Hi Erin, I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time in Texas! Hugs!