Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dennis has worn leather pants!!!

Dennis is a big fan of Miguel Bose. I'm providing you a youtube clip.

I recommend that you do a youtube search for a more current Bose clip. This is, after all, a painfully 1984-ish clip. The point of THIS particular clip, though, is that in the first 30 seconds or so I said "Hey look! He's wearing red leather pants!" (Because red leather pants are not cool.)
Dennis said "I had leather pants."
And I said "SHUTUP!!"
And he said "well not RED leather pants..." and then he proceeded to tell me about how expensive they were, and how he also had a leather vest and boots. And he said he was like 15 or so.

In my mind, because I cannot picture Dennis my husband, wearing leather pants, I immediately thought of two things:

and that episode of "Friends" where Ross wears leather pants. You know the one:

Oh. My. God. My husband has in his lifetime worn leather pants.... Oh. My. God.

And yes, the pants do make a funny sound when you move (you know the inappropriate sound I'm talking about...)


Me, Msyelf and I said...

hahahahahaha yeaaah, here is Spain there was a time where leather pants where dammly on! I don't specially like them but I remember my mom wearing one of those... although I have never seen my dad (and he would look really wacky!)

~Virginia~ said...

how funny! :) i've always thought that episode of friends with ross and the leather pants is hilarious!

CJane said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.. yeah, there was a time when everyone seems to be wearing those leather pants! I can't believe how a person could bear the sound coming from their pants whenever they walk! lol

Somehow, I imagine Dennis looking like that nephew of Ugly Betty when he was 15. In a LEATHER PANTS. lol!!!!