Wednesday, February 27, 2008

HodgePodge and JAPAN

So giving up celebrity gossip has been a challenge. I cannot understate this. I have not only officially given up the websites but also the TV shows. So I have NO IDEA what is going on with britney spears. I won't even look at the magazines.

It's like a bizarro world or something because at the same time that I'm being forced to spend less time online, Dennis is suddenly addicted to youtube. He figured out that he can find videos and music from the 80's (mainly) and he just does not stop. Unless Deal or No Deal is on TV. I'm trying to record him because it's so cute when he starts singing, and so dorky at the same time.

Which segways (segue?) into my next blog topic. Dennis and I are going to Japan! We've actually been working on it for a month and actually praying about it and starting the whole fundraising process in the past week. So we are actually officially going to Hachinohe, Japan. Hachinohe, according to google, is a small fishing town about an hour away from Tokyo. They have fish (so they live up to the town reputation I guess...) and a castle and a shopping mall. Today, we learned that we will have to wear slippers when we are indoors, and that they may not have diet coke.

So, we are going to Japan, for two weeks. We are going to stay in a church and help people learn English using the book of Luke. The goal is to help them with their English, not to baptize them. It's kind of an obvious point, but it is important because going to Japan based on my faith is kind of scary- am I Christian enough to do this? But when I think "but you aren't going to convert people! Just to form relationships! The words they read will affect them more than you!", I feel better. It's nothing I can do, on my own, but what God can do and in the experience and examples. I don't know if any of this makes sense but I am selfishly quite excited about being in the position of helping someone with his or her English, about getting to know people in a culture that I'm so unfamiliar with, and really what could I do in two weeks other than plant seeds. And probably, they will end up planting seeds in me.
And I am dying to see Dennis do Karaoke.

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CJane said...

When are you guys coming to Malaysia? When? When?! WHEN?!!! xD