Tuesday, March 04, 2008

10 Favorite Drinks...

Ten Favorite Drinks That make me sound like a lush.

1. Diet Coke Zero. I have learned that Diet Pepsi has like 10mg less caffeine. But I like Diet Coke better.
2. Margaritas- lime on the rocks with salt.
3. Coffee with cream and loads of fake sugar.
4. Red Wine with diet coke. It sounds gross but it's actually good.
5. Any kind of wine.
6. Champagne
7.Chocolate milkshakes.
8. Pisco Sours- Chilean National Drink, type of brandy mixed with lemon juice and sugar
9. Caiperinhas- Basically Brazilian version of Pisco Sours
10. Diet Dr. Pepper


~Virginia~ said...

mmm...chocolate milkshakes! :) i was with you on the red wine...until you said you mixed it with diet coke! :)

capnwatsisname said...

You could have a contest to give the DC/Wine drink a name.

Me, Myself and I said...

what about caipirinhas? I love them!!!
I also love champagne, btw ;)