Monday, March 10, 2008

Elvis Lives.

I didn't know how to include in the title the fact that I'm obviously not getting these comics from my brain but rather from the linkage on the sides.

Conspiracy theories- I bring them up because just like Mel Gibson in that movie, Dennis is a huge conspiracy theorist. I almost gave a list of his theories but I've decided that I probably have already blogged about them.

He's not crazy but he is so fun to blog about. It's just so faRight now, as I type, Dennis is at the store "buying me diet coke" (which really means he is buying me a birthday cake/card/probably present.)

Which leads me to the point of the fact that tomorrow is my birthday and I feel very old. Twenty-Six. That's middle-aged for some tribes, in like Africa. Ugh.

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Lydia said...

Hey Erin, happy birthday! I've been off the blogging world for awhile (hope you remember who I am LOL), but I started a blog up again. I'll give you the URL here: I'm trying to catch up with all my old blog friends. Talk soon!