Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hmm. Well... Thoughts?

Beyonce and her mom are making divas out of the youngins'....

Now, I am a firm believer in letting a little kid get creative when dressing. I don't think things have to match, and I have this fantasy of my future daughter (or son, I guess) dressing up with mixmatched colors and beads and stickers and such.

I am against spending more than Target's bucks (or Payless) on kids' shoes. So for me to imagine shopping at Macy's for everyday kids clothes is not imaginable anyway. But if I was rich and had money to burn and bought clothes at Macy's, would I dress MY daughter in Beyonce's clothes.


I mean, they aren't showing any bellies and I don't see coin slots associated with the jeans. And I like the idea of having a girly little girl. Clearly I am not a parent.

I suppose the clothes are not as bad as they could be but they aren't practical. Those sparkly gold blinged jeans are going to get ruined on the playground. And while I want to give my child creative freedom, I can't imagine letting her go around in red pumps. (The feather boa, maybe...) Also, is it just me or does the leopard print hat look a bit like a pimp hat? And the cute little girl in the left corner- when she is in the top photo standing next to the poor girl in the pimp hat, doesn't it kind of look like she has a ton of aqua net in her hair?? And the one blond little girl- she just looks like she was a last minute add in to the photo shoot, bless her tiny heart.

They are cute little girls who look a lot like the little girls I see getting organic animal crackers with their moms at Ralph's, but they also look like they are playing dress-up.

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