Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holy versus Hole-y

I am currently perfecting the art of procrastination, so much so that I should be getting credit for it as part of my degree. I think that part of my success thus far as a perpetual college student, is that I can figure out how to procrastinate through all of my weekend and then crank out my Hebrew homework in time. I'm starting to feel guilty...

Because just as I was about to translate Jonah 4, I thought "hey, I haven't blogged about our new sofa yet".

For the past four and a half years of my marriage, our most comfortable chair has been HOLE-Y in the God-Awful sense. I clung to it because it was my mom's. It had a great foot stool thing for your feet/clothing/computer/bills. It also had a horrible print, stains, and cat scratches. Dennis has been begging me to get rid of if as soon as we put it in our apartment, but what else would we sit on?

Only a procrastinating, poor college student would let this crime of furniture last as long as we did. It really is God Awful.
But a very beloved Math Professor leaving to get married needed to get rid of her sofa (a real sofa, with a pull out bed and no stains or tears, that you can lay out on!). This is a holy sofa. Holy.

Now clearly, you can also assume that only a poor college student who excels at the sin of sloth would also take a blogging photo with the holy couch surrounded by disarray.

God Bless Pepperdine and people who are in such a rush to leave that they give things for free. She also threw in the table. I feel like a true grown-up with a almost new fantastic couch! Now I can be a real couch potato! Now, when I have the flu, I can throw myself on the couch with a box of kleenex and a great blanket! Dennis and I can actually cuddle on this couch!! (Which means, considering the size of my curves and his own growing spare tire, that this is a big sofa and indeed a miracle.)

God, this is a really messy apartment photo. But, as I said, I am a procrastinator/sloth master. So, I will probably fix this mess after or around the time that I'm trying to rush through my Hebrew homework.

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