Saturday, May 03, 2008

It Is finished...

We bought my books for the summer class that starts on Monday and we bought the dress for my cousin's wedding. That is a lot of pennies spent on me.

The start of a really busy freaking summer is upon me. I have jury duty/summer school starting Monday. I break for a week and then go to New Mexico for my cousin's expensive wedding. And then a few days after that Dennis and I will go to Japan. (Actually after Japan, I see the summer being not so busy. Just work and teaching Sunday School on Sunday morning!)

This week was Pepperdine's Bible Lectureships. I heard a lot of the message that I need to depend on God, because my happiness is not to be found in things that I can buy or what I can do for my social status. So I know I am at the point where I must say, "I can only depend on God at this point." Because I am otherwise really stressing myself out and being rather hard on myself about our financial situation or fundraising for Japan or being the best mentor/maid of honor/cousin to my cousin. All I can ask is that God takes care of me and those things take care of themselves.

So I guess the title of this post is more than just the answer to "Jesus Christ's words on the cross". It is also the answer to "Erin freaking out about financial things and thinking that the world is going to end...".

I'm not freaking out. That is also finished. For today.

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~Virginia~ said...

aw, man! i've love jury duty! i've only been called once, but i wasn't selected. sigh. i know, i'm a weirdo.