Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My love of the tent dress, etc.

I was planning on blogging about the tent dress, and my deep love of it. I have two black Old Navy tent dresses that I wear around the house, sleep in, and wear with jeans. (Yes, I wear them with jeans). It is not a figure flattering love, and I have backed off on the jeans, mainly because I am starting to wear these dresses as solely loungewear. Today was the perfect day to bring up my love of my tent dresses, as I went out barefoot and braless to check the mail, and I realized I looked absolutely ridiculous and maybe scandalous. I have to remind myself that our apartment complex is for grownups and that I'm not in a dorm complex anymore, where I can walk around in my pajamas.

This is a good opportunity to bring up three other interesting fashion related things.

First: HELL-TO-THE-YEAH!!! for the new "America's Next Top Model"!

It might have been a fixed/scripted win to make the series look better, but they finally crowned the "plus-size" (but not really, but kind of) model!! I cheered for the first time in a few cycles, and I scared Dennis!
I still find Tyra Banks incredibly annoying though. But woohoo for them picking a girl with curves!!


Had I known that tying two sheets at the shoulders, in a lazy version of a toga- paired with pink shorts- could be fashionable, maybe I would be...
I can't think of anything that would make me better if I did something like this. Even when Scarlett O'Hara made the drapes-dress, it looked like an awesomely made dress and not like a pink toga and shorts. Dear model, please don't dress yourself. Thanks, Erin.

What is the darker purple stripe in the middle of her pants? And does she realize she bought the same pants my grandma used to wear? The same pants my grandma either bought at Targer or at a second-hand store for a dollar?? I don't even know who this woman is. All I know is that she was photographed for some kind of event that warranted nice shoes and a nice clutch. And a nice outfit. Not the top that you might wear for a New Year's Eve party and my grandma's pants. Good Lord.

So, in conclusion, if you got this far, I concur that my love of my two black tent dresses is a drop in the bucket compared to what these two ladies have cooked up for fancy events that require getting your nails did.

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~Virginia~ said...

that dress is so cute! and i hate tyra. she's so melodramatic--not a good actress.