Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten Things I do really well...

10 things I do well
1. I am good at writing last minute papers.
2. I am good, I think, at Hebrew vocabulary.
3. I am very good at speaking/reading/understanding Spanish.
4. I am good at making others laugh.
5. I am good at picking out greeting cards.
6. I am good at being political aka being on people's good side, when it comes to family.
7. I am awesome about remembering important dates like birthdays.
8. I am good at finding things online or figuring things out that boggle my husband's mind, like basic html.
9. I am good with little kids.
10. I am a good fund raiser. It's not something that I like to do at all, and I cringe at the idea of God saying "this could by your career!!", but a big piece of the pie that was fundraising for LST, was because I asked and asked and asked. (I am also good at having a big mouth and asking/saying before thinking, which may have helped.)

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