Thursday, September 25, 2008

Facebook passive aggression...

Facebook is pretty awesome. But honestly, can we all vote for people to NOT use facebook for voicing political opinions in status updates?? Especially when said opinions enforce stereotypes about political parties.

Honestly, this is exactly why republicans get picked on for being elitist, out of touch, and for misusing their Christian faith by mixing it with politics.

And it's annoying. I really don't like reading that someone is so angry about a lesbian tv personality that she has to post it on facebook, in the same way that I don't want to read about people breaking up or fighting on facebook. Politics, please understand, are not the only annoying status updates discussed on facebook. Just, look, I'd much rather read about how you are tired or happy or things about your life and not that you are proud to be a homophobic hater of liberals and damn hippies living in Santa Monica. That's not why I am your friend.

Also, Republicans and Democrats: Please don't use Facebook Status updates to argue about whether or not Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a small-town leader. You are both being annoying about this whole thing.


~Virginia~ said...

politics in and of themselves are annoying nowadays. SOOOO ready for november to be over and out.

Mrs. Mogul said...

I was on Facebook for like two minutes. I guess it wasn't for me!

Sarah said...

I admit it -- one or two of my status updates have poked fun at Palin...but ur right, people that dot it constantly and seem to "fight" thru their status is annoying.

I just want the elections to be over so we can focus on our economy.