Monday, September 08, 2008

passive aggressive post

So, I made he fateful decision to leave our apartment to study. I have been really grumpy and really tired so I realized that instead of studying, I'm either yelling at Dennis or sleeping. I need to study because one reason I am so stressed is because I fear falling behind in school.
So, I grabbed my books, my phone, and a highlighter with the goal of getting really productive in our apartment's common study room. It's not a "study only" room- there are sofas and tables for reading. There is also a big HDTV.

It is Monday night so there are 2 guys watching the football game. You are LAW STUDENTS! More importantly, you are distracting and so instead of reading Anselm and theology, I'm blogging on my phone about how I wish you guys would leave. And also perhaps fail a test so that you think twice in the future about using a common study room to watch football.

The ultimate passive aggressive move, I realize, is my refusal to leave. (pepperdine does have a library).

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