Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at the Mall.

We totally forgot that kids go to the mall to get candy as the safe alternative to neighborhood trick or treating. (we went for other reasons). It was so adorable. I expected loads of slutty pirates and saw loads of what halloween should be: cute kids dressed like princesses, jedi, dinosaurs and every other kind of animal, angels, vampires, etc. So precious. I didn't want to look like a child predator so I totally limited the photos I snapped with my beloved camera phone.

There were a few people (parents) who took it a little far. This guy- I'm assuming he was with his kids and his equally creepy wife (a very elaborate witch costume that was more like the witch from snow white than the witch from like a Shakespeare tale). Point: The guy was trying to be a devil or something? Hellboy? He had the body for it but it was weird to see a man in all red (body, hair, clothes, no shirt) standing with his kids in the mall waiting for the CHILDREN'S costume contest. I think if I was his kid though, I probably would think he was the coolest dad ever.

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