Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm a hypocrite, and I apologize.

Watching the VP debate, I realize that I have a gut instinct to react and I'm trying really hard to not do it on facebook. But I realize that putting it on my blog might not be any different. (This is kind of a "live-blog" of the VP debate.)

1. Sarah Palin and John McCain are Mavericks! So she can speak!!
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

2. She does this jokey thing "All you kids get extra credit for watching this debate!" and the whole "wow, I guess I'm just not used to how you guys work in Washington because I'm from Alaska..." I get what she is trying to do but the cutesy-ness is just.... well, it does recall a disney movie (Matt Damon reference). ("Say it 'aint so Joe!!")

3. We are in a WAR and we need to win!!! I can't go into this. I just can't. I can't write just how wrong it sits with me in my inner core that we still think that we are fighting evil terrorists and that we are in danger and that we have to spend resources "winning" against Bin Laden and Iraq.

But of course, she knows what a VP does!!! :) (and she's from Alaska! And there is energy in Alaska!!)
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

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