Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a tomato.

Not 'Jesus toast' per se, but seriously. It's a tomato. Why would anyone bid on a smiling tomato? Someone apparently has already bid on this tomato on ebay! Seriously. Seriously.

Here is the description:


After I made a salad for my family, I was shocked to see this tomato (which I refer to as my Jesus Tomato) smiling up at me. I was having a really bad day and then I saw this tomato, smiling, and I realized it must be a sign from above to let me know that everything is going to be alright! I could not eat the tomato. I washed the dill dressing from it and put it in a ziplock bag and in the freezer so that it would stay fresh, and smiling! I was going to keep the tomato but then I realized that all of us need a sign from above, even if it is in the form of a tomato. So I decided to put my tomato up for auction on ebay. One lucky bidder will be the proud new owner of the tomato. The tomato is frozen and I will have to ship it on dry ice. You can decide from there what to do with the tomato. You can keep it in your freezer and pull it out to look at it smiling at you when you are having a bad day or you can pass it along to a friend in need of some spiritual lifting.

Please email me with any questions prior to bidding. I am starting the bidding off at the small amount of $1.00. The amount for shipping is within the USA. Any amount to ship out of the country will be the buyers responsibility.

Best of luck to you!!! :o)

I really hope that the lucky auction winner of this tomato feels God's love when he or she opens the package. If you bought a tomato like this from Ebay, would you be a total jerk to just eat it?

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Sarah said...

HA! I don't know how you find these things.

I kind of hope that someone from Asia or China or South America buys it so they have to pay three times what the tomato is worth to have it shipped.

Does that make me bad? :-)