Tuesday, October 07, 2008

my brain is fried.

As in "KFC sad bowl of chicken/mashed potatoes/mac 'n cheese/gravy" Fried.

I would like to not post something about tonight's political debate. It seems that there are loads of possible drinking games that one could create in this particular race. But I don't have any alcohol and I don't like getting drunk and sick. So instead, I offer this:
Gary Cole

it's a bonus because this guy was referenced by my boss a few days ago and it made me think of authority figures who have talked to me with this exact voice (I'm thinking of someone in particular and this is that line, where you don't know how specific you can be because you know that your blog is public enough to hurt people's feelings. But there is a certain "authority figure" that definitely reminds me of this guy from "Office Space" that I deal with on a fairly regular basis... (Not you, Dave).


~Virginia~ said...

i could have sworn i already commented on this post. i'm getting old...

anyway, i'm not much of a KFC girl--i prefer Popeye's. :)

capnwatsisname said...