Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh Madonna, no.

Dear Madonna:
Please go away. Just go away and retire and stop showing up in public with Justin Timberlake. These shoes are ridiculous, you will only wear them once, and they probably cost as much a month of rent in Los Angeles. Just stop. Guns? Really?



~Virginia~ said...

gah! i've been out of the blogging world so long i didn't even know you had a new layout! i love these colors! looks great! :)

and i SOOOO agree about madonna. she piqued a long ass time ago. now she just looked withered and raunchy. bleh.

happy weekend! :)

Sarah said...

Eeeek!!! My eyes!!! They're burning!!! Make it stop!!! Ugh. Those are uglier then the weird shoes Posh wears that have no heels.