Friday, October 24, 2008

Stay with me a little longer please...

Alright. I feel like I should apologize in advance. Posting so much political activity on my blog makes me feel like I'm either a "liberal" blogger that thinks Karl Rove is the devil and has a laundry list of examples and quotes and knowledge... I don't. I know what the Democratic party stands for in theory- "socialistic" government, anti-war, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro- a lot of stuff that means taxes, especially on the rich, so that poor people can get more welfare. And I know that I run the risk, albeit quite slight as I'm not exactly a celebrity blogger, of someone who is voting Republican commenting on my post(s) with their FOX news rhetoric/information to prove I'm wrong/naive/ignorant myself and that I'm certainly not "fair and balanced". Stay with me here, I promise that this will all be over soon and it will soon be filed into my archives to collect internet dust and I can look back and for my own personal reasons, remember what I thought about this election.

The tongue cartoons just don't stop. Ok. They totally will after November 4th, I swear. And look, I have an Obama cartoon too. I know it isn't entirely fair but it's a little more fair.

My Aunt, who is young enough to be open to voting for a democrat and old enough to still be freaked out by democrats, has been anti-McCain all summer. But she sent me an email today saying that she's having second thoughts because of all the campaign funding Obama has received. Fair enough. Obama has a lot of campaign funding.

Maybe I should make things clear. Just because I think pictures of McCain's tongue are HIlarious doesn't mean I completely think that Obama is a Messiah. I voted for Hillary. Obama isn't a perfect guy. He's a politician. They change the clown but the circus stays the same. I just... I can't even put into words how ready I am for this political season to be over. I'm tired of thinking that my Republican family members and friends are terrorist voters or worse that they are ignorant or racist. And I'm tired of the whole argument for or against. A lot of what Obama says IS rhetoric. And he is really green as in inexperienced. And he does have a lot of campaign funding and he is totally loved by the media. This happens to me every election year. I wish I could remember what it is like to not care about who will be elected.

But McCain did pick Sarah Palin... I really think he would do anything to be president, even if it meant picking a good-looking governor with a short resume (so she's more maverick) that he didn't even know earlier when he could have picked other token women to better help him out. And even though a lot of Obama is rhetoric, his rhetoric and the way he interacts with the camera is moving and compelling. I don't know that I can relate to Obama 100% but I know I can't relate to McCain.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who I vote for- I'm in California and it's probably going to swing to Obama. And my aunt- she lives in Texas. I'm guessing that her vote will get canceled out by the gazillion of McCain voters.

BTW: if you are down here still, google "tired of politics". I'm not the only one, apparently who is basically blogging the same thing. (I liked what this guy had to say).

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Sarah said...

I could not agree more. I had to stop writing about Palin for the same reason. I really didn't want people to come to my blog and think I was some hard-core democrat liberal...because I'm not. Like I said in one of my posts, there are ALOT of things on both sides I disagree with and things I agree with on both sides, it just so happens that in this particular election the democrats managed to not scare me *quite* as much as the republicans.

People just need to remember that it doesn't matter who wins this election, not everyone is going to be in love with him and they are not going to be satisfied with even the one they voted for the entire time he's in office.

Anyhoodle - I'm off my soap box now. Great post.