Sunday, November 16, 2008

Middle of the Night Wordle!

I'm listening to This song. It inspired a wordle.

In other news, the air in Malibu smells like BBQ again. There are two to three fires within 30 min. of our home and so the air quality has been horrible for 2 days. The good news is that I'm drinking water to stay hydrated. The bad news is that it smells like BBQ, it's hot, and my allergies are acting up.

Also, on a side rant, my little brother- God Bless Him- has decided to make his facebook profile a photo of him smoking out of a bong. That's a marijuana pipe, FYI. I told him that this was definitely not sexy but maybe he isn't going for sexy. Maybe he's going for Seth Rogan/Pineapple Express/Knocked Up/lazy and never going to work cool. It's endearing in the movies and less so in real life. He's a really good kid, I swear. It's just so funny how different we are sometimes. (He can't believe that I have never smoked anything or that I only have one glass of wine just to relax.) It's cute because today he asked if he could come over to visit and then said "I don't have to go to church do I?" Nope. You are 23 years old. Church is not required for you because you have to work things like that on your own. If I was going to try to influence my little brother, it would be by being responsible and stuff.

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Goofy Girl said...

Wordles are so fun! :)

How far are you from the fires? Hopefully not too close!