Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now Dennis is all American...

Instead of just "south american" or "north american".
Dennis is a flag ceremony away from being a citizen of TWO countries. He passed the US citizenship test at 100% and had a harder time finding the immigration building than actually taking the test itself.

My husband officially knows more about the United States than I do. We did have some fun bedtime discussions about who Patrick Henry was or why it took about a decade for the US constitution to be officially adopted by the 13 states... My old history professors might be proud of what I still remember. Or they might cringe.
In other news,
funny pictures of cats with captions
Cindy, I am really addicted to Pet Society. Thanks!!!!! (There are times when I'm trying to catch a frisbee that Dennis just cannot talk to me!)


Ethel said...

LOL I can imagine Dennis trying to talk to you while you're catching frisbee. Hahahaha!!

And good luck Dennis! (for the citizenship) :D

Sarah said...

Congrats to Dennis on citizenship! I've taken the "sample" citizenship test and failed miserably, so it's quite impressive that he scored 100% :-)