Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Invasion...

Of the Cold/Flu Bug. Our whole apartment complex/church/community bubble has it. Dennis has been sick for about a week and I'm full of mocos myself. I promise I am trying to wash my hands more and I washed our sheets today to get rid of any germs. Alas, this is a tough bug to beat.
My dear husband, bless him, is consequently unable to sleep at night. He refuses to take benedryl because they make him sleepy. But last night for example, he was on his blackberry or channel surfing or touching my face all night. It was cute, endearing, pathetic, and annoying.
My cure for the cold: cup o' noodles (ramen), liquids (not always good ones but nonetheless we try), and lots of wasting time on the internets (aka facebook games instead of studying).
funny pictures of cats with captions

this is my reason for post- Dennis citizenship ceremony blog hiatus:

*common cold plush doll via Cool Stuff Express
*Passive Aggressive Note about coughing via Passive Aggressive Notes


~Virginia~ said...

hope you guys get to feeling better soon! keep up those liquids! vitamin c pills work, too.

aceswyf said...

hope you guys feel better soon! Love the pictures...and the email! The email I'd love to send to people at work.