Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ode to bad wine...

It's from Argentina, which is good. In my opinion, South American wines are not as spicy as Californian wines. I should have read the label.

It has a hint of tobacco and chocolate. TOBACCO. I tasted this hint last, in the back of my throat and it lingers with you. So the wine tastes like your regular notspicy red wine with an interesting woodsy-definite berry flavor. And a bit of tobacco. I'm not a fan.

What you missed in the photo that I so artfully took with my camera phone, is the can of Pringles and the bottle of diet Dr. Pepper.

The good news is that I've kept to my lent about no sweets. Tomorrow (or today?) is a church potluck day so that will be my real test. Wine doesn't count as a sweet.

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