Tuesday, May 05, 2009

There, I've said it...

Back to blogging (oh how I missed you!) by saying some things:

1. I like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

I think he's funny and cute, even though he laughs at his own jokes. There, I've said it.

2. My husband is in Florida, trying to find a job and to take an exam for a second graduate degree. He's only been gone for one night and he's coming back tomorrow, but I think I'd like another night alone. It's quiet and I can eat whatever I want and I don't have to watch Spanish news (even though I do). I wish he would stay one more night. Things have been so stressful with school and lack of full-time employment, and we have been bouncing anxiety and panic attacks off of each other. So, I really miss not having someone to talk to but I also really enjoy the alone time. There, I've said it.

I think Steven Tyler looks like a lady. The aerosmith classic song has come full circle. There, I've said it.

4. This is the Cutest Commercial EVER.

Bonus: link to the song in the commercial. Yessss


aceswyf said...

Awwww yes, back to blogging. I need to do that too lol.

I agree - as much as I love my husband, I like it when he's out of town because I enjoy the alone time and I like missing him, especially now that we aren't in an LDR anymore. It sounds weird, but I do.

As for Steven Tyler: Dude definitely looks like a lady.

Welcome back!

bethany said...

Haha! I loooove my husband, but I do like it once in awhile when he goes out of town and I get to have the house to "myself" and eat/do whatever! :D

Being married young indeed has been a blessing in so many ways as you said. Its great to be able to be that example for those friends that are barely in those relationships. :) Thanks.